Friday, September 24, 2010

71 Woman with Bleeding touching the hem of Jesus' Clothes

70 Jesus being tempted by the Devil

69 Jesus calming the Sea

68 Jesus with the Centurion

66 Jesus healing the Demoniac, the Possessed

65 Jesus healing at the Pool

64 Jesus healing Peter's Mother in Law

62 Jesus healing the Paralytic

61 Jesus with Martha and Mary of Bethany

60 Mary anointing Jesus at Simon's House

58 Multiplying Loaves

56 Jesus with Children

55 Healing the Leper

54 Lazarus being raised from death

52 Last Supper

51 Jesus healing the blind man

48 Jesus

47 Jesus healing the Daughter of Jairus

46 Jesus Smiling, a Painting by Fr. Biju Madathikunnel

44 Baby Jesus with visitors

43 Jesus healing the sick

40 Jesus in front of Pontius Pilate

39 Jesus with Disciples at the Catching of the Fish

38 Jesus - Entry into Jerusalem

37 Jesus Crucifixion

32 Jesus Crucifixion

Jesus 31Jesus being mocked at

Jesus 30 with Centurian

Jesus 29 with Canaanite Woman

Jesus 26-28 Boy Jesus